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June 15, 2020

New Age Grid
Earlier this spring, the age grids for cheerleading were adjusted by the International All-Star Cheer Federation (IASF).  These adjustments affect all programs in Canada as Cheer Canada uses the grids set out by the IASF with a few modifications. Please see the chart below to determine what age division your athlete is in for the 2020-21 season.  The most notable changes are to the youth (now U12) and the junior (now U16) divisions.  Please note that while “U” does mean under, when a division is named U8, it means the athletes are 8 and under (not under 8).  In addition to this, due to the early end to last season, one year has been added to both the U16 and U18 divisions for this year only so for 2020-21 they will be U17 and U19.  Some of the age ranges are actually greater than listed below, but Perfect Storm will strive to keep age groupings more limited.

We ask that athletes please register in the division noted on the chart below.  Athletes wishing to register in an “older” division must seek permission from a gym manager and will not be able to register themselves.   Athletes will be moved to an older division as needed.

Division Name

Old Name

Born In





This is a non-competitive age.  We will offer rec programs for kids 5 and under.  KIds need to be at least 3 ½ at the start of a program to be eligible.













Most athletes will be at least 13 years old.

Next year this division will change to U16.




Next year this will change to U18.



2007 and later

Most open athletes will be 17+.

If you have any questions on where to register your athlete, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Team Placements & Tryouts
We have new dates set for team placements & tryouts.  Please be sure to register as soon as possible so that we can be properly prepared for these.  If you are unable to make your dates, please let us know by emailing [email protected]

Click Here for Registration

Monday, August 24

Tuesday August 25

Wednesday, August 26

Thursday, August 27


U12 & U17 Prep

Youth & Junior


U12 All-Star



U8 & U6 Prep and All-Star

Mini & Tiny

6-8pm Youth/Junior Summit (In Edmonton)


U17 & U19 All-Star

Junior & Senior

Summer Training Registration is Open
Registration is now open for our summer training programs.  If you plan to try out for a team, we highly recommend that you register for one of these classes.
Tuesday – Level 1 all-star
Wednesday – Level 2 & 3 all-star
Thursday – Level 1 prep & all-star
Athletes will train both cheer and tumbling skills.  Each session (cheer & tumbling) will be 45 minutes with a short break between for a total of 1 hour and 45 minutes.  Open team training will be 90 minutes.  Cheer will include conditioning, motions, jumps, base & flyer training, and dance.  Tumbling will focus on conditioning, shapes, and drills. We will have all necessary protocols in place to ensure athletes and coaches are physically distanced and following all the guidelines outlined by the Province of Alberta.

Summer Camp Registration is Open
Our summer camp schedule will accommodate both half and full day programs.  Athletes who would like to participate in a summer camp can choose mornings (9am-12pm), afternoons (1pm-4pm) or full days (9am-4pm).  All necessary protocols in place to ensure athletes and coaches are physically distanced and following all the guidelines outlined by the Province of Alberta.  Camps are being offered the week of July 20-24th and Aug 10-14th. Registration will open soon.

Summer Virtual Training Registration is Open
In addition to evening classes and day camps, we will continue to offer some programs virtually.  The schedule includes a fitness class bundle (classes Mon-Thurs 12-12:45 plus 3 adult classes), flyer training & stretch (2 classes to choose from), jumps & conditioning (one class), and adult fitness classes (3 classes to choose from).  Register now through your customer portal.

Summer Private Lessons
Starting in July we will be offering both in person and virtual private lessons.  More information is coming soon.

Program Handbooks
We are working on location specific handbooks that will hopefully be released later this week. We appreciate your patience as we make the necessary adjustments for a later starting season.

Wednesday Evening Info Sessions
All Storm families are invited to participate in our special Wednesday evening information sessions.  This week Kierra Steil will give tips on how to do a great pedicure at home and how to take care of your athlete’s feet.  The session will start at 8pm and participants can join the Zoom link starting at 7:55pm.