The Weather Forecast – Perfect Storm’s Weekly Newsletter October 1st

The Weather Forecast -March 30, 2020


Update Sent

We hope that everyone had an opportunity to either watch the video update on Storm Chasers and/or read the email that was sent.  We will continue to update those families who have travel refunds coming their way. We are working as quickly as we can on these things but are waiting on event producers and other companies to get information to us.  We thank you for your patience.  


Athlete Photos

Photos are expected to be delivered to our photographer, Amanda Choma, sometime this week.  Once she has gone through them to ensure they are all correct, we will let everyone who ordered know how they can pick up their photos.  Amanda has also extended the ordering deadline to April 15th for anyone who did not yet place an order. A personal link was sent to all families after the photos were taken.  If you cannot find yours, please email [email protected] with the athlete’s name and team and she will re-send your link.


Registration for 2020-21 Season
We know that these are uncertain times.  We will not be processing any placement or tryout fees until we know when we will be heading back to the gym.  If you plan on returning next season, please register so that we can better plan for both placements/tryouts and our season.  If you have any questions about the process, please let us know. The completion of our 2020-21 Program Handbook had been delayed.  We are working on putting together an abbreviated version for everyone that we hope to release by sometime next week. We are exploring different ways to cut some costs while still maintaining the high standards of our program.

Keeping Busy
Many teams have now been scheduled in for virtual practice/activities. We will continue to work on activities to try and keep the athletes moving and engaged. We hope that you are following our activities on Storm Chasers ( and our Instagram @perfectstormsherwoodpark

Thank You
Thank you to everyone who has reached out to us, to our coaches, and to those around you.  It is so important that we continue to check in on each other as this situation unfolds. One of our core values at Perfect Storm is “we are stronger together” and that could not be more true.  We are sending love and virtual hugs to all our Storm families!