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Weather Forecast – November 16, 2020

Inspire – Prep & All-Star

Due to the latest restrictions put in place, we have made the difficult decision to cancel our virtual showcase.  With most teams still not finished choreography, no stunting allowed, and no definite date when that can resume, we have decided that we will not go ahead with this event.  Instead, we will have “regular” practices over that weekend.  At this point, we don’t know if those will be the teams’ regular schedule or the newest schedule where teams are split into two.  Either way, we will continue to update you as we learn what we are and are not allowed to do.


We hope to provide you with more information on our competition plans for 2020 in the next few days.  Last week’s announcement from AHS put our announcement on hold temporarily.  As we mentioned, most of our events will now be virtual to help ensure the health and safety of our athletes.  Each prep and all-star team will have 2 “in-person” events to attend along with several virtual events that will happen during team practice times.

Special Order Items

Reminder, ALL order questions must go through Dianne or Tasha. [email protected]com or  [email protected]com

As the holidays approach we will no longer be leaving items out in cubbies for athletes to grab themselves. If you have ordered an item that is NOT a gift, please tell your athlete to ask their coach to grab the item for them. If you have ordered a gift please feel free to come into the gym and ask a coach to grab the item for you as well.



Order Deadline

Raw Edge Loose Fit Tie Dye Tank Top – 2 colour choices – child & adult – female & male styles


Nov 18 @ 9pm

SPECIAL Twin Pocket Pouch w/ Storm Child Mask Deal


Nov 23 @ 9pm

Rebel Fanny Pack *Limited quantity!


Still going! Only 1 Adult remaining, 5 Youth remaining

Rebel Dream Bag


Still going! 2 remaining

*We still have Stormy the Bear mini teddy bears, Perfect Storm coffee mugs, new style water bottles, and twin pocket pouches available!


Any questions can be sent to [email protected]

*Tickled Floral and Purdy’s orders DUE NOVEMBER 18**

Did you know that if you participate in fundraising, the profits you earn go directly into YOUR child’s jackrabbit account?

The current fundraiser information is below:

Fundraiser #1

WHAT: Purdy’s chocolates WHEN: November 4-18 PICKUP: December 1 COST: varies

PROFIT: 25% of your total (less PA 5%) Order online. Please follow these instructions….

0PQRWo9Ho4/edit?usp=sharing There are also paper flyers located in the file system in the hallway. * Must

be able to pick up or arrange for pick up on December 1 as we have no place for storage. * Orders will

be submitted on Purdy’s website. Questions can be directed to [email protected] or Laura

by text (780.298.8324)

Fundraiser #2

WHAT: Whoville trees and door swags WHEN: November 4-18 PICKUP: December 2nd at Tickled

Floral (#165, 130 Broadway Blvd) COST: $45 for Whoville trees, $30 for swags PROFIT: $7.60 for

Whoville trees, $4.75 for door swags

The printable tracking sheet is attached to this email and on the Facebook post.

Orders will be placed using the following google form:


* Must be able to pick up your order AT TICKLED FLORAL on DEC 2 Questions can be directed to

[email protected] or Monica ([email protected]

Fundraiser #3

WHAT: 2die4 gourmet soups (dry soups mixes, the same as last year!) WHEN: November 18 to Dec. 3

PICKUP: Estimated to be December 14 COST: $11.00 each PROFIT: $4.28 Soup descriptions are

attached to this email and on Facebook post

Orders will be placed using this google form:



Printable order tracking sheet:



We also have an ongoing fundraiser that runs throughout the season. Nitza’s Pizza Fundraiser: Pizza

coupons sell for $10, and $3.80 of that goes into your athlete’s account. Coupons are good for one 2

topping pizza at the Wye Road location. Not valid Friday or Saturday. If you’d like to purchase coupons

please email us at [email protected] to set up a pick-up time. Stay tuned for these upcoming

fundraisers: Little Caesars, the second run of Bear Tracks Ice Melt. We will post when each fundraiser begins.

 Please allow up to 6 weeks after the closing date for funds to appear in your account.

 Please feel free to forward any questions to [email protected]