The Weather Forecast – January 14, 2019

The Weather Forecast – January 14, 2019

Cold Snap Competition
This weekend (Jan 18-20) is the Cold Snap competition for prep and all-star teams.  An email with all details will be sent today so please watch for that. The gym is closed for all classes, practices, and open gyms from Jan 18-20.

Family Day
The gym is closed Friday Feb 15-Sunday Feb 17 for prep and all-star practices and tumbling classes.  We are open for regular practices and classes on Monday, February 18. Only our sunday rec class will run on Sundays, February 17.

Upcoming Local Competitions

  • Cold Snap at Edmonton Expo Centre – Jan 18-20 – all prep and all-star teams (No rec practices this weekend)
  • ATC Battle of Champions (in Calgary) – Feb 2-3 Junior, Senior only. (No all-star and prep practices or tumbling classes this weekend. Sunday rec teams will practice.)
  • Red Deer Cheer & Dance Challenge – Feb 23 – Mini and Youth 1, all-star only.  All other teams have regular classes and practices.
  • True North at Edmonton Expo Centre – Mar 1-3 – all prep and all-star teams (this is the last event for prep teams)
  • 4Cast in Calgary – April 14- all all-star teams

Waiver Form for Calgary competition
Those athletes participating in the Battle of Champions in Calgary onf Feb 2 & 3 are required to complete a Varsity waiver form.  This form is due at the gym Friday, January 18. Click for a copy: VARSITY_ParticipantWaiverAndIndemnity

Waiver Forms for Las Vegas
Those athletes traveling to Las Vegas have been asked to complete 2 waiver forms: California All-Star paper waiver (click for a copy: CaliWaiver) as well as the Jamz waiver that has been sent out in a previous email and posted in Facebook groups.  Each athlete has their own link. These waiver forms must be completed by Friday.

Competition Etiquette Reminder
Perfect Storm has a competition policy in place for all coaches, athletes, and parents.  Please click to read the athlete/parent policy: Competition Etiquette for Storm Athletes and Parents

Important Upcoming Gym Dates


  • Jan 18-20 is Cold Snap, our next competition for prep and all-star teams.  – Gym CLOSED for tumbling classes and rec classes
  • Jan 25-26 Imagine Cheer competition, Mini Sun Rays Only
  • Feb 2-3 PAC Cheer Competition in Calgary –  Gym Closed EXCEPT Sunday rec Classes
  • Feb 8-14 Love Storm Week – Dress up in pink!
  • Feb 15-17 Gym Closed EXCEPT Sunday rec  (We will be open Monday the 18)
  • Feb 15-19 Jamz Cheer competition- Teams going to vegas will resume practices on the 21th
  • Feb 23 Rec Deep and Dance Competition – Mini & Youth only