Weather Forecast – April 20, 2020

Weather Forecast – April 20, 2020

Season 10 Wrap Up

Thanks to everyone who took part in their final team meets last week.  The end of the season is always bittersweet and those feelings were certainly felt even more this year.  In spite of the way it ended, we hope you look back on this season with a smile and cherish the great memories we made.  


If you missed our post in Storm Chasers, we have put together a video of all prep & all-star teams from the 2019-20 season.  Since we could not celebrate at 4CAST, we thought this was the next best thing. Check out our videos on YouTube

Spring Training

We are putting together some fun spring training programs and private lessons that will start May 4th!  Registration for these classes will start Wednesday and include a fitness bundle that can be accessed by the entire family, level 1-5 tumbling classes, phys ed classes, flyer & base training, and private lessons.  Coaches will include Stan, Jesse, Nickerson & Heather from Calgary, Sam from Lethbridge, Kim from Sherwood Park, and Leanne & Cassie from Edmonton. More information will be sent out prior to registration starting.

*Anyone who registers for a class or bundle between Wednesday and Sunday will receive access to 4 free classes the week of April 27-30.

We will also be offering 2 free private lessons next week.  Watch our social media (FB and Instagram) for more information on that!

ACA Awards & Scholarships

Every year the Alberta Cheerleading Association gives out several awards including Coach of the Year and Athlete of the Year as well as scholarships to high school and post secondary students.  For more information on nominations and applications please click here.

On-Line ProShop

We are excited have a new on-line proshop on our Facebook page found here:

To order an item, please email [email protected] with the description of item and size.  She will let you know pick up and delivery options when she receives your order.

Special Order – Stronger Together Sweatshirt
Our next item up for order is a super cute charcoal grey sweatshirt! $35+gst.  Orders are due April 25th at 9pm. They will take about 2 weeks to arrive after we close the order. Click link to order via google form:

Registration is Open!
Don’t forget that registration is open for our 2020-21 teams.  While the team placement dates will be updated when we can head back to the gym, we are asking families to register now so that we can better plan our season

We Miss You
The staff at Perfect Storm Athletics hopes you are all staying safe and staying healthy.