Weather Forecast May 3, 2021

Weather Forecast May 3, 2021

Temporary Closure
Due to additional AHS restrictions, the gym will be closed until further notice.  We may consider some outside and/or online training in the future but for right now we are all taking a breath. 
At this time we are hoping to simply push all of our May programs to start later this month and continue into June. As always, we will keep you updated as we learn more about when we can re-open.
We encourage everyone to stay active and get outside as much as you can while being safe.

Credits to Account
Over the next week, we will be crediting accounts for missed classes and private lessons.  Please be patient as this may take some time.  If you have any questions or concerns about credits, please contact Kim at [email protected] or reply to this email.

Next Season
We are doing our best to start planning for the 2021-22 season but as you can imagine, it is a very difficult task right now.  We hope to have some details ready for a Program Handbook to be released on May 27. Watch our social media for updates on what’s to come.

Thank You
Once again, we cannot thank our families enough for their incredible support over the last year.  No matter the weather, we are stronger together and we will continue to fight through this.  Please be safe.

-Nitza’s Pizza Coupons 

Pick Up: May 4th, 5-6pm in front of Perfect Storm

-Growing Smiles
Pick Up:
May 11th, Time TBA

WHAT: First Aid Kits and Safety Supplies
WHEN: April 26- May 10
PROFIT: Varies per item sold
DELIVERY: 2-6 weeks from ending date (supplier will inform us when orders are submitted)

Orders to be submitted via Google form (to follow), and EFT. No cash or cheques.
PDF copy of brochure attached below.
Attachment: CSS_FUNDRAISING_Brochure_10-FEB-2021-2.pdf (1.8MB)
*great idea for camping or hiking, for the new driver in your family, or to update your kits at home.

*Anyone can fundraise and the funds go directly into your jackrabbit account! It’s a great way to offset some of your fees, or put toward private lessons or merchandise! If you have any questions, please email the parent association at [email protected]