Classes for New Athletes

Cheerleading is a unique sport that offers programs for beginners of all ages through elite athletes.  Athletes do not need to start in a recreational program.  In fact, most of our all-star athletes started in the all-star program.  The decision about what program to start with has more to do with your commitment interests (time and money) than your skill level.  For more information on our cheer programs click here.

In short, we offer 3 types of cheer programs: recreational, prep (half year competitive), and all-star (full-year competitive).  Recreational runs in two sessions: fall (Sept-Dec) and winter (Jan-Mar).  Prep runs in one session (Sept-Mar) and all-star runs May-April.  Due to the nature of our sport, we generally cannot accept new athletes into our programs once the have started.

Registration is currently open for the following classes:

Recreational Cheer

Our recreational cheer teams are a great way to learn the basics of cheerleading in a 2-3 month program.  Kids learn the basics of cheer including motions, jumps, tumbling, and stunting and put them all together into a basic routine that they perform at the end of the session.  A Perfect Storm t-shirt is included with the registration fee.
We have teams for kids age 3-5 (1 hour a week), ages 5-7 (1.5 hours a week) and 8-12 (1.5 hours a week).

Winter session:

Snow – Ages 3.5-5 – Monday 5:00-5:55pm – Classes run Jan  – Mar 18 $185.00
Pearl – Ages 3.5-5 – Wednesday 5:30-6:25pm – Classes run Jan 9 – Mar 13 $170.00
Lavender – Ages 5-6 – Sundays 3:30-4:25pm – Classes run Jan 13 -Mar 10 $155.00
Lilac – Ages 7-8 – Tuesdays 5-6:25pm – Classes run Jan 8 – Mar 12 $170.00
Violet – Ages 9-11 -Thursday 6:30-7:55pm – Classes run Jan 10 – Mar 14 $170.00
Amethyst – Ages 7-11 – Sundays 4:30-5:55pm – Classes run Jan 13 – Mar 10 $155.00
Winter session performances happen during the last 15 minutes of the last class.

Check Out Cheer

If you are interested in trying cheerleading before committing to a program, this is the class for you!  Our Check Out Cheer program introduces kids to the basics of cheerleading including motions, jumps, tumbling, and stunting.  The class runs for one hour a week for two weeks for just a $20 fee.  And the best part is, if you register for a cheer program after taking Check out Cheer, we will credit you $20 towards your registration fee making your Check out Cheer class absolutely free!

Next Check Out Cheer session: TBA

Prices do not include GST.