We are THRILLED to be back at the gym training! 

Starting March 1 we are offering a 4 week session that includes rec/prep cheer, tumbling classes, flyer training, and semi-private lessons.  Spots are very limited as there are strict COVID protocols in place.  Cost of each class is $60 plus GST for the session.  We also have some great classes over Spring Break!

We will run another session April 5 – May 2 for the same price.

Click here to register for a class!  See below for a list of classes.


Day Class Time
Thursday Daytime Cheer (Homeschool) Ages 7-14 3-4:20pm Sarah
Thursday U6 Cheer – Ages 5-6 5-5:50pm Ryley
Thursday Tots Cheer – Ages 4-5 5-5:50pm Courtney
Thursday U8 Cheer – Ages 7-8 6-6:50pm Courtney
Thursday U12 Cheer – Ages 9-11 7-7:50pm Courtney


Monday Level 2 Tumbling 4:30-5:20pm Lachlan
Monday Level 3 Tumbling 6:30-7:20pm Ryley
Tuesday Level 2/3 1:30-2:20pm Ryley
Wednesday Level 1 Tumbling 4:30-5:20pm Courtney
Wednesday Level 1 Advanced Tumbling 5:30-6:20pm Courtney
Sunday Level 1 Tumbling 1-1:50pm Sarah
Sunday Level 2 Tumbling 2-2:50pm Sarah


Monday Flyer Training 4:30-5:20pm Kira

A very limited number of tumbling classes will also be offered.  Prep athletes along with new and former rec athletes are invited to register for a cheer class. These classes will run once a week for 50 minutes and will include training in motions, jumps, tumbling, and dance.  Coaches will take a video at the last class for parents to see what the kids have learned.  

Finally, we will also be offering a flyer training/stretch class.  These are excellent classes for anyone who is or would like to be a flyer, or for those looking to improve their flexibility. 


We have some great classes and clinics happening March 29-April 1.  Registration is open!

12:30-1:50pm Tumbling Basics & Jumps
2:00-3:20pm Cheer & Tumbling Class
4:00-5:20pm Beginner Handsprings
4:30-5:20pm Flyer Training
5:30-6:20pm 4-6 Cheer & Tumbling Class
5:30-6:50pm Layouts & Fulls
5:30-6:50pm Tucks
7:00-7:50pm Tumble Training Time
12:30-1:50pm Walkovers & Jumps
2:00-2:50pm 4-6 Cheer & Tumbling Class
7:00-7:50pm Tumble Training Time
4:00-5:20pm Beginner Handsprings
4:00-5:20pm Ariels
5:30-6:50pm Punch Fronts & Standing Tucks
5:30-6:50pm Advanced Handsprings
7:00-7:50pm Tumble Training Time
12:30-1:50pm Tumbling Basics & Jumps
2:00-3:20pm Cheer & Tumbling Class
4:00-4:50pm Tumble Training Time
5:00-5:50pm 4-6 Cheer & Tumbling Class
6:00-7:20pm Walkovers & Jumps


Important reminders for ALL programs:

  • Athletes must wear a mask for the duration of their time in the gym including during physical activity.  It may be pulled down to get fresh air but otherwise masks stay on.
  • Athletes will be kept 3 meters apart when doing physical activity.
  • Group sizes will not exceed 9 athletes and 1 coach.
  • There are no cohort requirements.  Athletes may be in as many small groups as they want.
  • Parents are not permitted in the gym to watch.  Videos will be shared when appropriate.
  • Athletes may enter the gym no more than 5 minutes prior to their scheduled start time and must leave the gym immediately after their class.  
  • We will send additional COVID protocol information to those who register.